Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MC2 At The Movies Post 004 I Don't Like Vampire Movies

When Twilight Becomes Eclectic

I Don't Like Vampire Movies

Never Have, and Most Likely, 

Never Will

I say this as groggy teens lie scattered 

around various movie theater lots.

They are waiting to watch a 

Phenomenon of Our Time: 

The Latest Installment of  the  'Twilight Saga'.

For A sneak at the "Eclipse"
(the newest movie) Cheat Sheet, 
Check Out this MTV Page:



This reminds us that the Fang is more memorable than:

"Here's looking at you Kid..."

It has somehow become the New Star Wars: 

In the various articles I've read, 

I rarely see a mention of the writer.

That would be Stephenie Meyer.

Her official website, of course, is here: 

With the Fancy Dark Forest Greenery in the Header.

I hope I don't come off like Rex Reed, 

who made a name for himself
by bashing the popularity of  

The Beatles.

That is not my intent.

I like books, and anything that gets people 
reading,  like the Harry Potter series or 
even this new "blood-sucking" fiction, 
I Think is Good.

I do remember Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire (1976).

Which was also made into a movie starring

Brad Pitt, Christian Slater and Tom Cruise.

This time out Vampire movies have reach
Critical Mass.


In the interest of Full Disclosure:

I accidently picked up Justin Cronin's "The Passage", 
because of Stephen King's recommend. 

I didn't know it was a Vampire Book. 

I am an eclectic picker of books and did so 
with this selection from Audible. 

It's over 766 pages.

It's the First of a 3 Book Series.

And the rights for Publishing started a bidding war between publishers ended with Ballantine Books buying the rights for $3.75 million. .

It appears there is still a lot of 
Green Blood in these Veins.

Oh, and I am enjoying the Story.

The Wingman writes.